Daughter of Smoke and Bone Series Review

A Daughter of Smoke and Bone was the last book I started reading in 2018 and the first series I finished in 2019. I. Loved. It. It ranked up there with the Greats, in my opinion. Here’s a little bit about this original and fresh YA fantasy trio.

Monsters of Verity Duo Review

Sweet agony - that’s the best way to describe reading this duo. From the outset, you know things are going to be dark and almost hopeless, but that doesn’t keep you from hoping nonetheless and flipping pages as fast as your eyes will allow.

Shades of Magic Series: A Review

As a reader, there are those books that come along and completely steal your heart. The Shades of Magic series did that for me, and now I want to hand copies out on the street so everyone else can love them too.

"A Million Junes" Review

Have you ever stopped mid sentence while reading because the sentence is just so damn beautiful that you need to read it over again from the beginning? That was me almost every sentence of this book.