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ArkaSoaps Review

ArkaSoaps Review

Lookie, lookie!

My cousin and her husband recently launched their own soap company, ArkaSoaps, and I wanted to share it with everyone. I’ll tell you the stats real quick: each soap is made with natural and organic ingredients. That’s right. Nothing fake or synthetic, just real ingredients that create rich lathers and striking scents. You may not know how much I’ve really committed to an organic, low impact lifestyle in the last few months, but it’s a big deal for me that these soaps line up with that. These soaps are good for your skin, your largest organ, and they’re not going to be harmful to our water system as it washes down the drain.


I’m not a huge bar soap person, but I really do love these because they create such a nice lather that I feel like I’m really getting clean. There are 15 different scents available right now, and they’re all great. But I have my personal favorites, of course: Citrus Orange Blood, Lavender Virtue, Blushy Treasure, Peppermint Dressing, and Spice Oats. Citrus Orange Blood just has a great tropical, summery vibe to it that is perfect for this time of year. Blushy Treasure is more floral than I would normally go for, but it’s not overwhelming so I think that’s why I like it. Peppermint is peppermint, and I have always gravitated toward all things peppermint. Spice Oats has this really strong smell that immediately makes me think of cider cooking in the fall, and I cannot wait to bust it out once the leaves start to change. But Lavender Virtue - oh man.

Lavender Virtue is where it’s at. Instead of it being a pure lavender scent (which they do have. It’s called Violet Lavender), it’s lavender mixed with orange, tangerine, and rosemary. I’ve never heard of, seen, or smelled this combination before my cousin brought it to me, but let me tell you. It has completely ruined normal lavender for me. It has that calming effect we all love about lavender, but the citrus in it gives this clean edginess to it. I kind of don’t want to use it because I don’t want to run out! Even though I know I can just buy some more. I’m an emotional soap user, apparently.

Those are my personal favorites, but honestly each soap is really great. There’s also an unscented for those that have sensitive skin and/or just don’t like fragrant soap. The bars last a long time as well, so you really get high quality, long lasting soap for the price. You should definitely check them out!

Oh, and just because I’m proud of it, I also did all of the photography and the graphic design for their company. They wanted to create a brand with clean design that lined up with the American/Arkansan mold and communicated the motto: Safe, Happy, Real. I think we accomplished that, and we’re all really proud of it. You can check out more of what we did on my TMC page soon.

I'm Going Organic!

I'm Going Organic!