Terra Travels: San Francisco & Sonoma Valley

Wine country has officially found a spot on my list of favorite places on Earth. My goodness! I was not prepared for how beautiful it was going to be. I knew that the wine was going to be delicious, and it absolutely was, but the combination of rolling green hills and mountains was just spectacular. I texted my parents while we were driving out to our first winery for the day, Kunde, and described Sonoma as a combination of Hawaii-lush greenery and Eureka Springs-hills. Eureka Springs is where I grew up in Northwest Arkansas, and it’s beautiful, for those of you who don’t know. Sonoma had winding roads where you’d be going through town, come around a curve and then be hit with a breathtaking view of the valley before plunging back into a foliage-covered portion of the road.

Simply beautiful. And San Francisco had some stunning views as well. The beaches and the running trails that clung to the edge of the hills were incredible. We drove over the Golden Gate Bridge, so we got to really marvel at that and the bay, which was so so pretty. Overall the scenery on this trip was complete heaven, and really made the entire experience for me. I didn’t take my camera with me out of fear I would drunkenly break it since this was a bachelorette trip, so I don’t have that many great photos. Instead I poached photos from my friends and did my best with my jacked up 2014 iPhone :) Here’s a little look-see.

We visited three wineries: Kunde, St. Francis, and Gundlach Bundschu. St. Francis was easily my favorite wine, but Kunde and Gundlach have a really wonderful outside seating areas with water features that were so pleasant. St. Francis has a beautiful mountain view though, so truthfully they were all enjoyable! I will say that Kunde was having a dog adoption event that morning when we arrived, and that naturally endeared me to them a little bit. If you ever try wines from Kunde or St. Francis, I recommend the Sauvignon Blanc from Kunde — SO SO delicious and crisp — and the Tres Viejos from St. Francis. The Tres Viejos is now one of my favorite red wines ever. To be honest I don’t remember much about the wine from Gundlach. We had been drinking. all. day. long. Without food.

All in all, it was a relaxing and fun bachelorette weekend full of delicious food and wine - and some severe wine hangovers. Oops. That didn’t stop us from ordering a lot of wine to be shipped to us though. We also stayed at the Kimpton, Sir Francis Drake hotel and I highly recommend it! I love old, over-the-top architecture so this was right up my alley. It full of gold-gilded ceilings, a giant red statue of Sir Francis Drake, and bougie seating. I’m a sucker for extra fancy chairs!